Lo-Fi Symphonies Residency – DAY 2 (19.08.13)

My fingers hurt. I am clearly not match fit for playing the acoustic guitar over and over and over.

After my late night, I spent the morning sleeping in (until 09:30), eating a hearty breakfast, tidying up loose ends from yesterday, and creating and posting content to Day 1.

I sit down at the old joanna with some chords and some words.

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14:00: I film a take of a piano-led dirge.

The Scars On Your Face (piano) – take 1

I start new songs, laying down click tracks and drums where I have them.

  • The Scars On Your Face
  • My Heart Has Wings
  • We Didn’t Have Much Time

That way I am ready to record mic’ed parts during darkness hours when the outside noise has died down (there’s an airport one side of me and a busy road on the other).

I practice some heavy-on-the-tremelo-arm wild west-style guitar along to the cantering drums of My Heart Has Wings, the resultant sound is brutal, reverb-y and mushed up. It sounds pleasing to my ears.

My Heart Has Wings (guitar/drums) – take 2

19:28: I save a tiny, helpless mouse from the needy cat. I stop for dinner and a glass of wine. Which kind of puts an end to work.

21:00: I take myself off to bed with the intention of getting a few hours sleep and setting the alarm for stupid o’clock when I will hopefully get up and do some work before the rest of the world rises and starts making noises.

A paltry single page of notes from Day 2.

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