FIRST PRIZE Wells Art Contemporary 2013

I heard late last night that I have been awarded FIRST PRIZE at the Wells Art Contemporary! Look it is written here in black and white >>

I have to say, it was quite a shock and a delight to get such validation of my art, particularly with the extremely high profile judges who were awarding the prizes: Sir Peter Blake, Brendan Neiland, Bruce McLean, Christian Furr, Joe Tilson, Martin Fuller, Patrick Hughes, Brad Faine, Donald Smith, Ivor Abrahams, Tom Philips and curator Roy Ackerman CBE.

My prize is a 10-day solo exhibition at 45 Park Lane, London, including an opening night reception and overnight stay at the hotel!

I think I used the twitter hashtag #slightlyshockedbutchuffed last night.

In a bid to temper the sweet taste of victory, I did the washing up and updated my Saatchi online profile.

This is the winning painting

Cry For Help 2

  1. congrats…very nice work, love the feel…makes the viewer think.

  2. Nice one Dominic, well deserved! Is the painting painted to look like 3D relief or is it partly in ‘relief’? From my Ham Radio days I see you are crying for …. HELP …. and you call has been answered with a London exhibition plus the reception party and hotel stay. Enjoy it all. Very impressed with the painting. Love to your family, Uncle D

    • Hi Derek, I don’t know if I’m more impressed that you learnt morse code in the first place, or that you can still remember it today!

      The grey areas of the painting are in relief, but have been painted to look like a dilapidated wall/rock face, to give a bit more depth of field to the picture surface.

      Thanks for your congratulatory words.

      • Hi Dom
        The answer to the first sentence is neither, but for people of my age they invented Google! Well done again, and may this be the beginning of much success.

  3. Joe said:

    Dominic, saw ‘Cry For Help’ at the Wells exhibition, pretty stunning and original piece that leaves as many questions unanswered as it asks. nice one

    • Thank you Joe, glad you made it along to the exhibition. And pleased you like my painting.

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