a crooked mantra for lockdown isolation

Back in 2016 I conceived, composed and recorded a Lo-Fi Symphony in one day to mourn the loss of the room I had at BLANK Studios, Portslade-by-Sea. Working on location with just my voice, a bag full of low-fidelity sound capturing devices, a battered cassette 4-track and the ambience of the space, I created a multilayered choral soundpiece. The recording has been lurking on the fringes of the internet since I snuck it out, but in this strange headf**k of a time we are living through, maybe its time has finally come: repurposed as a crooked mantra for lockdown isolation.

The song was recently released as the closing track on volume 5 of the monumental Isolation & Rejection series.

You can buy my track individually for £1 or more, or the whole album for £5 or more, through the Front & Follow bandcamp page > with all proceeds going to The Brick, Wigan > (£2,700 raised so far!)
hint: if you leave your purchase until Friday 4 December Bandcamp will waive their revenue share meaning even more money goes to charity.

Isolation And Rejection volume 5 cover (Front & Follow recordings)

One reviewer at furtherdot.com > felt the need to eulogise thus:
“The album concludes with the folksy acapella ‘Lo-Fi Symphony For Portslade-by-Sea’ by Dominic Bradnum, a mournful, yet optimistic piece of vocal sentimentality that sounds like a fishermen’s chorus singing Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’. It’s this savagely beautiful piece that I’ll be listening to for comfort as I once more mourn the loss of one of my favourite labels.”

I’m pretty happy with that bit of hyperbole, but you can hear it for yourself below and read all about its conception here >>>

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