And so the curtain closes on our little monthly soirees. But we intend to go out on a wave of string-fuelled swansongs, epic album-closers, end-credit crescendos and last waltzes.

TONIGHT WE FLY – The final flight
Saturday 12th May 2012
9pm – 3am
FREE entry

venue: The West Hill, 67 Buckingham Place, Brighton, BN1 3PQ

We hope you can join us one last time for an evening of widescreen 60s pop, soaring symphonies, bittersweet ballads, dusty Americana, hi-fi literate pop, cinematic sounds, doomy gothica, spectral soundscapes and girl-group melodrama.

selected playlst:
Scott Walker, Ennio Morricone, Tindersticks, Patrick Wolf, Nick Cave, Nancy & Lee, Divine Comedy, Arcade Fire, Belle & Sebastian, Bat For Lashes, John Barry, Broadcast, Dusty Springfield, Love, Spiritualized, Pulp, Joe Meek, Roy Orbison, The Shangri-Las….

and finally thanks to all those who have come to TWF over the past couple of years, especially our more frequent flyers (you know who you are!)

Tonight We Fly - Adieu