I recently moved out of my dingey little box of a studio… into a brighter, slightly longer, box of a studio just next door.

Goodbye studio 6, for 9 months I enjoyed making my mark on your walls and floor, but I crave more daylight and a better perspective on my work. So I must vacate, and I must leave no trace of my occupancy.


neon paintings -photo shoot 17 apr 14
A man with a very expensive camera came to take photographs of some of my work today.

I tried to tell him it was round the wrong way, but he insisted this was the best way!

After much frantic searching I have now found and moved into a studio space at Blank Studios, Portslade-on-Sea.

The building is a converted end-of-terrace house in one of those rapidly vanishing liminal zones on the edge of Brighton and Hove.

You can find me in Studio 6.

Blank Studio 6

I am just getting together a post for my Wednesday Painter blog, with a little account of the move and organisation of all my paraphernalia, watch that space…

Project Neon Posters

I often need a bit of inspiration when I’m working on a neon painting – usually to help me get that neon glow looking realistic – so I sometimes head over to Project Neon! for some neon visual eye candy.

Project Neon! is one woman’s quest to seek out New York’s best neon signs – she traipses all over the city, usually in the twilight/darkness hours, in search of the neon glow. Then visits each neon-lit establishment and photographs their signage.

A real labour of love, particularly as more and more companies ditch their old-fashioned neon for less energy-sapping LED.

Looks like the author of Project Neon! is having a bit of a sabbatical at the moment, but there’s plenty of neon to lust over on her tumblr.

We’ve been to London a couple of times recently and were dazzled and excited by the Light Show exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. There wasn’t nearly enough neon for me, but our baby daughter was absolutely captivated by this piece:


We were also dazzled and excited by Bruce Nauman’s dirtyrude neon pieces at Hauser & Wirth:


The Guardian have posted a video tour/review by Adrian Searle, but they have disabled embedding so you’ll just have to watch it HERE>>>

Verity and I spent a long 2 days in Paris at the end of last week and visited the Néon. Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue? exhibition at La Maison Rouge.

I really wasn’t prepared for just how much beautiful neon would be on show and how all-encompassing the exhibition was. Verity took lots of photos [some of which are in the slideshow below], and I wandered around gasping in awe at all the bright, flickering neon. And then went back round again to re-look at my favourite pieces

I left with neon lights flashing before my eyes and a head full of ideas and reference material for new neon paintings.  What a treat.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The new Bauhaus: Art As Life exhibition has opened recently at The Barbican, and I’m hoping to fit in a visit before the 12th August.

By coincidence I just came across this photo of the offcuts from the chevron scarf Verity made me in a Bauhaus colour palette a couple of years ago.

Mmmmmmm, Bauhaus spaghetti…

Bauhaus spaghetti